About us

We are trading company engaged in the export-import business and the leading supplier of Indonesian products. Our dedicated production and quality control teams have worked tirelessly to deliver the highest quality products that our customers expect.

core values

We are committed to provide the best service and quality for clients by upholding Communication Integrity, Creave Innovation, maintaining Commitment and International Standard Quality.


Integrity is more than honesty, this means telling the truth, being open, and not taking advantage of others. It is also included in words, tone of voice, and body language that we bring to every conversation: formal and informal.


Creavity and Innovation are related but separated noons, and each required for workplace success to make outstanding improvements for the business.


Commitment is the decision to go forward, to hang in there when thing gets tough, to take one more step when you are convinced all the strength is gone to fulfill the promise and agreement to our clients.


We are committed to bring the best quality that meets international standard in our product to maintain reliability to our clients.


We serve customers from all over the world to supply Indonesian products which have a potential market and have become our top priority to meet the satisfaction and expectations of our customers.


We import products from various countries to meet domestic needs and those that have a potential market in Indonesia.

Distributor & Vendor

We distribute products from producers to retailers and consumers and provide raw materials or finished materials to meet the company’s business needs.

ON Process

Our service

our OEM service helps you grow and succeed.

We are to help !

PT KILAT SAMUDRA ALAM is committed to provide you with the best possible service. We are proud of our quality and we are sure you will love us.

Our big plans

To become a world-class leading trading company that is strong, innovative and competitive in the global market.

Menjadi perusahaan perdagangan terkemuka kelas dunia yang kuat, inovatif dan kompetitif dalam pasar global.

Misi Kami

  • Bekerjasama dengan produsen – produsen UMKM di Indonesia untuk melakukan ekspor hasil produksi.
  • Membina para produsen – produsen UMKM di Indonesia untuk menghasilkan barang yang berkualitas tinggi dan sesuai dengan standar Internasional agar dapat di perjual belikan di pasar global.
  • Membuat daftar barang yang lengkap dan berkualitas dengan harga yang kompetitif untuk dapat di tawarkan kepada perusahaan luar negeri.
  • Ikut serta dalam asosiasi Ekspor – Impor milik pemerintah maupun swasta dalam menjalin hubungan kerjasama dan berbagi informasi antar perusahaan perdagangan di Indonesia.
  • Membuka lahan informasi yang luas untuk seluruh aspek perdagangan antar luar negeri yang berbasis e-commerce agar dapat di akses dengan mudah oleh kemitraan dalam negeri ataupun luar negeri.
  • Menjunjung tinggi aspek Integritas Komunikasi, Inovasi kreatif, Komitmen dan Kualitas agar hubungan Internal dan Eksternal perusahaan berjalan dengan baik dan maksimal.

Our mission

  • Cooperating with SME in Indonesia to export their products.
  • Fostering SME producers in Indonesia to produce high quality products and in accordance with international standards so the product can be traded in the global market.
  • Make a complete best quality list of products at competitive prices to be offered to foreign companies.
  • Parcipate in government-owned and/or private export-Import associations to establish cooperative relationships and information sharing between trading companies in Indonesia.
  • Open up a vast field of information for all aspects of international trading based on e-commerce so that it can be easily accessed by domestic or foreign companies.
  • Uphold the aspects of Integrity in Communications, Creative Innovation, Commitment and Quality, so the company’s Internal and External relations runs well and effective.

Thank you